Yes you can! Please see below for more information:

Donr Text Giving

If you're texting a keyword to 70085 to donate to your chosen charity that means the charity has signed up to use Donr's Text Giving service. Charities have the option to set separate keywords for one-off donations and for monthly donations. They should have made clear whether your donation will be a one-off or regular when they ask for your help.

When you text a charity's regular giving keyword followed by a donation amount to 70085, this donation amount will be taken from your mobile credit or added to your monthly mobile bill each month. When you sign up for this service, you'll receive a reply text with information on how you can stop future monthly transactions or just skip one month's transaction. Please note, you are able to skip or stop your donations at any time, by following the steps outlined in these instructions.

After initial set-up, you'll receive a reminder via text every month telling you how to skip a month's donation, then every three months you'll receive a reminder of instructions on how to cancel your monthly donations altogether.

Donr Regular Giving

If you're donating via a Donr Regular Giving page (where the charity has not set a fundraising target), your chosen donation amount will be added to your phone bill or taken from your bank account or digital wallet service every month – don't worry though, we'll send you reminders before each donation is taken; you'll have the option to skip a month or cancel your regular donation altogether.

Donr Crowdfunding

If you're donating via a Donr Crowdfunding page (where the charity is raising a specific amount of money for a specific purpose), simply follow the payment flow and, when asked if you'd like to make a regular donation to the charity, confirm that this is the case and follow any further instructions.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!