Funds are transferred from Donr to the organisations we work with in as timely a fashion as possible. More specific time-frames are dependent on the method used to make each individual donation:

Funds collected by Donr through donations made via a supporters' mobile phone are transferred 45 days after the end of the calendar month. For instance, for donations made during the calendar month of August, mobile network operators will issue bills at the start of September then allow their customers one month to pay. These bills will include donations made via Donr. Once the mobile network operators have collected this money, along with their users' usual monthly payments, they will transfer the donated funds to Donr who will then pass them on to the appropriate organisations. This process takes around 45 days to complete.

Donations made via debit or credit card, or digital wallet service are paid out more frequently – credit and debit card companies make payments to Donr of the funds that have been donated and we pay it out to charitable organisations as we receive it.

Neither of these processes take so long that any interest on funds collected can accrue.