Here at Donr, we’re not satisfied with second best, we want to offer organisations we work with the best we can with the technology we have. We took a look at the text-to-give services out there and worked out where we thought we could improve on what was currently out there:

- Instead of your organisation’s text-to-give keyword being an arbitrary string of letters and numbers, your Donr Text Giving keyword will be chosen by your organisation. The only stipulations we make are that your keyword must be at least three letters long and must not have been used by another organisation (we need each text-to-give campaign run by Donr to have a unique keyword so that we can tell which organisation to pay funds out to);

- Our direct connection with the four UK mobile network operators means we’re one of the only charity text-to-donate providers with the ability to allow donations of up to £20 to your cause.

- Organisations can nominate separate keywords for both one-off donations and regular donations to be made via text.